Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10: Daily Guru, "Gurucast #106"

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One hour of amazing music and commentary from "The Guru" himself.

Tracklist (links are to MY review of that artist, song or album):
1. Metallica, "Hit The Lights"  Kill 'Em All
2. Smashing Pumpkins, "Love"  Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
3. The Clash, "Know Your Rights"  Combat Rock
4. Telefon Tel Aviv, "What Is Was Will Never Again"  Map Of What Is Effortless
5. Creation, "Making TimeMaking Time (single)
6. The Fall, "Taking Off"  Ersatz G.B.
7. Erykah Badu, "Otherside Of The Game"  Baduizm
8. Jerry Lee Lewis, "Lovesick Blues"  Classic Jerry Lee Lewis
9. The Ruts, "Something That I Said"  Peel Sessions
10. The Little Willies, "Lovesick Blues"  For The Good Times
11. Mozart, "Symphony #40, 1st Movement"
12. Danger Mouse/Daniele Luppi, "Two Against One"  Rome
13. Run DMC, "You Be Illin'"  Raising Hell
14. Elmore James, "Dust My BroomThe Sky Is Crying

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Philr77 said...

Nice - I like any playlist that starts with Metallica, touches on Jerry Lee Lewis and the Clash, and ends with Elmore James.