Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24: Daily Guru, "Gurucast #95"

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One hour of amazing music and commentary from "The Guru" himself. 

Tracklist (all links are to MY review of that artist, song or album):
1. Pearl Jam, "Why Go"  Ten
2. The B-52's, "52 Girls"  The B-52's
3. Nick Drake, "Free Ride"  Pink Moon
4. The Clash, "Julie's Been Working For The Drug Squad"  Give 'Em Enough Rope
5. Jerry Lee Lewis, "Great Balls Of Fire/Studio Chatter"  Classic Jerry Lee Lewis: The Definitive Collection
6. The Black Crowes, "Seeing Things"  Shake Your Money Maker
7. Television, "Friction"  Marquee Moon
8. The Sound, "Unwritten Lawn (Mike Read Session)"  The BBC Recordings
9. Atom Orr, "Tilt-A-Whirl"  This Was Tomorrow
10. Fela Kuti, "Water No Get Enemy"  The Best Of Fela Kuti
11. Metallica, "Motorbreath"  Kill 'Em All
12. Jurassic 5, "Break"  Power In Numbers
13. Primus, "Tragedy's A' Comin'"  Green Naugahyde
14. DEVO, "Jocko HomoQ: Are We Not Me?  A: We Are Devo

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