Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3: Daily Guru, "Gurucast #118"

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One hour of amazing music and commentary from "The Guru" himself.

Tracklist (all links are to MY review of that artist, song, or album):
1. Blondie, "Hanging On The Telephone"  Parallel Lines
2. Jurassic 5, "After School Special"  Power In Numbers
3. Fiona Apple, "A Mistake"  When The Pawn…
4. Magazine, "Shot By Both Sides"  Real Life
5. North Mississippi Allstars, "Po Black Maddie"  Shake Hands With Shorty
6. North Mississippi Allstars, "Skinny Woman"  Shake Hands With Shorty
7. The Clash, "Atom Tan"  Combat Rock
8. Johnny Cash, "Sam Hall"  American IV: The Man Comes Around
9. Kino, "Бездельник"  45
10. Lenny Kravitz, "Let Love Rule"  Let Love Rule
11. Metallica, "My Friend Of Misery"  Metallica
12. Orquesta Ritmo De Sabanas, "Monteria"  The Original Sound Of Cumbia
13. Truckee Brothers, "Planning For The 21st Century"  Double Happiness
14. Tim Barry, "Exit Wounds"  Rivanna Junction

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