Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Note From The Guru: Duty Now For The Future

3. 1095. 1,754,834.

For those wondering, that is the number of years, days, and words that I have put into this website.  Since January 1, 2009, there has been fresh written content here EVERY day.  I somehow managed to not miss a single day in that entire time period.  I have published entries from 16 different states and 6 different countries and under the pressure of countless other deadlines and life realities.  Yeah, I am damn proud of it, so that is my moment of bragging.

But, as George Harrison wrote, "all things must pass," and as I sit here with the writing for 2011 complete, I feel it that the time is now…sort of.

As most of you are aware, the second half of this year brought to life a rather unexpected YouTube channel that I have been enjoying creating content for to say the least.  It is not that I enjoy it more or less than writing, but after three years, I will admit that it is a nice break for my brain to express my love for music through a different medium.  It is with that in mind that 2012 will bring about some rather drastic changes to the site.

First and foremost, there will still be BRAND NEW content EVERY day.  I am not willing to sacrifice that in any way, shape or form.  I feel it my duty to bring music knowledge to the masses, and I take that job quite seriously.  BUT, there will not always be new writing.  Here is what the 2012 weekly lineup will be:

Monday - "Something Old, Something New" video on YouTube
Tuesday - Gurucast podcast
Wednesday - "Special" YouTube video (I will explain this down the post a bit)
Thursday - write-up on a "music personality" (Alan Freed, Paul Rothchild, etc)
Friday - "Something Old, Something New" video on YouTube
Saturday - write-up on one of the greatest ALBUMS in history
Sunday - write-up on one of the greatest SONGS in history

One of the main reasons for this shift is my hope that this shift away from writing each and every day will allow me to finish off the last of my book.  Since it too is about music, you can understand how the "burn out factor" plays into trying to write a book after writing entries for each day.  Also, I have made a point to not repeat any artists on albums or the two years of songs, and I do not want to "dilute" the quality of the songs and albums on the list.  Furthermore, I am excited for the "music personality" section, as I feel there are so many important figures in music that never picked up an instrument.

Oh, and that "special" YouTube bit will be a rotating series of videos.  They will be The Guru Soapbox, Ask The Guru, Get Over Yourself, and a new segment called "Gabbing With The Guru" where I will be sitting down with bands, music industry types, and other music obsessives.  Also, there will be a monthly contest to win new music…details are in THIS VIDEO (coming Sunday).

Also, there will be stickers, shirts, and other "Guru stuff" coming in 2012…yep…it's going to be sweet!

So that, as they say, is "the plan."  As I said, this site is important to me on a level I cannot put into words, and that is the reason I never even considered doing anything other than daily content.  All I ask is that if you know someone who you think might enjoy the site and content, toss them a link.  I NEVER have ads on this site, and I never will.  This site is not about the money, it's about bringing amazing music to the masses.

To each of you who have been reading for a few days or a few years, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Seeing the daily hit count, and the comments and emails, makes it worth it each and every day.


"…somewhere in my soul, there's always rock and roll!" -Joe Strummer

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