Friday, December 31, 2010

A Note From The Guru: Looking To 2011

As 2010 closes out, I wanted to again take a moment and write a few non-music related notes to you all, the readers that keep this site going.

As longtime readers know, this site originally began as a challenge to myself two years ago, and the way in which it has grown into a beast all its own could never have been predicted.  I try each day to bring something exciting and insightful for all those who love music and are always seeking something new or remembering a song they know by heart.  I hope that over the last two years, this has been achieved.

Looking to the future, I have decided to give the site/project another year of life, though 2011 will bring a number of changes.

1. General Site Stuff
In two years, I've yet to miss a single day, and I am not about to start missing days now.  I was lucky enough this year to publish from 5 different countries and much like the U.S. mail, there is simply nothing that will keep me from getting these daily posts done.  The insanity that is this site will continue, and in 2011, I will pass 1,000 straight that point, I might give myself a pat on the back...

2. New Website
I am beginning the process of moving all of the data to a new website which will have both an easier URL, as well as a few other features.  I will NEVER have ads or anything like that I my site.  Though I have had offers, I feel it goes completely against everything that I want this site to be.  So, when the new site is ready, you'll see it forwarding.  I hope to have it in place by mid-February.

3. The Book
Yeah, yeah yeah, I know that I promised it in 2010, but honestly, things just got nuts and I am not done editing the damn thing.  However, you can look forward to nearly  400 new and updated album reviews and other madness.  The book is currently well over 1,000 pages, and I am hoping to have it in hand before the first of March.

4. The "Gurucast"
I've received a lot of great feedback on this over the weeks, so I am going to continue it each Monday.  There may be a special guest in mid-February, but that is still being discussed.

5. "Deep Cut Friday"
In order to help my sanity a bit, I am going to declare Friday's "Deep Cut Friday" at The Daily Guru.  This will give me a chance to delve deeper into the catalog of some of my favorite artists and present songs that many may have missed over the years.

6. Where You Come In
As I said, this site will NEVER have ads, but in 2010, my readership doubled from 2009.  I would really like to double again in 2011, but that is where I need some help from you, faithful readers.  If you have friends, co-workers, strangers that you think might be into the site, please pass along the URL.  As geeky as it may sound, when I see my site traffic, it is what keeps me energized to keep this going.

So in short, thank you all for reading this, whether it is daily or weekly or once in awhile.  I never thought anyone would really have interest in this sort of thing, but clearly, many of you do, and it is each of you that I write for every day.  Nothing in this world brings me the same satisfaction that I get from writing endlessly about the songs I love, and I hope that my writing provides you some sort of smile or momentary release from the stress of your day.

Until 2011...or tomorrow...whichever comes first...

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