Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28: Daily Guru, "Gurucast #26"

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One hour of amazing music and SOME commentary from "The Guru" himself.

1. Phish, "Llama"  Live Phish 10: 1994/06/22
2. Metallica, "Of Wolf And Man"  Metallica
3. Joe Strummer & The Mescelaros, "All In A Day"  Streetcore
4. Konono No1, "Guiyome"  Assume Crash Position
5. Ty Segall, "My Sunshine"  Melted
6. The Noisettes, "Scratch Your Name"  What's The Time Mr. Wolf?
7. Queen, "Somebody To Love"  A Day At The Races
8. Greg Aranda, "Double Jeopardy"  Outlaw Blue
9. Les Claypool & The Holy Mackrel, "Delicate Tendrils"  Highball With The Devil
10. The Lemonheads, "Bit Part"  It's A Shame About Ray
11. The Streets, "It's Too Late"  Original Pirate Material
12. Thin Lizzy, "Cowboy SongJailbreak
13. Sublime, "Ebin"  40oz To Freedom
14. Dax Riggs, "Wall Of Death"  We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
15. The Time, "Jerk Out"  Pandemonium

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